Brewers Yeast

Better than beer, milk’d nutrition’s brewer’s yeast is paired with nutritional yeast to pack an even more powerful punch of nutrients —> protein, iron, and B vitamins, as well as chromium, selenium, and other trace minerals we don’t want our moms to be missing! The combination of vitamins + protein & iron ensure energy supply stays high!



Healthy fats in abundance here (omega-3’s for brain development, oh yes!!) in addition to fiber + calcium with a phytoestrogen effect to help balance hormones and improve the quality of breast milk. Flaxseed mill in our products helps you stay strong, stay full, and stay well (immunity benefits, to boot!).


coconut oil

Yet another beneficial fat component, coconut oil not only provides a rich energy source, but its specific composition of fatty acids is what matters — lauric acid and capric acid have antimicrobial properties & when added to a mother’s diet, have shown to have increased amounts in their breast milk, thus aiding the baby’s immunity and natural defense.


rolled oats

Last but certainly not least, rolled oats are the star of the show in almost all milk’d products. Not only does this comfort food help improve letdown through oxytocin release, its iron content helps ward off anemia (one of the primary causes of low milk supply). If that wasn’t enough, thanks to an ample does of fiber, they help with blood sugar regulation + stave off hunger into the late night hours!