our roots

Have you ever had a small, seemingly meaningless conversation with someone that actually turned out to be a life-changing, big-time, pivotal moment?

Well… that’s exactly how milk’d nutrition started. Several comments similar to “you should really do that…”, “why don’t you sell these”, “I think this would be a great venture” turned into a phone call with my mom instructing her (kindly!) to get out her apron and to turn on the oven — we’ve got some baking to do!


Kayla — registered dietitian + lactation counselor & all-around foodie, Kayla’s time in the kitchen and research + continuing evidenced-based education has translated into making plans and services that work best for each individual mom, family, and client she encounters!

Melanie — clinical lab scientist turned baker, Chef Mel’s after-work side hobby-turned into favorite thing to do: bake for others. If you’ve had anything that comes out of her kitchen, you won’t be surprised you can’t get enough of these tasty treats!


Together, this mother-daughter duo is excited to service breastfeeding moms, little ones, and entire families with creations & consultations in Cincinnati (& beyond!) for the first step & every walk of life!