Prenatal Nutrition Consult

Is it your first pregnancy? Unsure where to begin — myth or fact? What to consume & what to avoid?
Let’s take the stress out of your food choices & discuss together how to navigate a healthy, balanced pregnancy.
Specific caloric goals and macronutrients, in addition to meal plans are available, upon request.


Breastfeeding 101

Let’s discuss the basics! Positions, techniques, overview on skin-to-skin, latching how-to, and products you’ll want at your hospital bedside and those to avoid! Ideally this session is scheduled within first or second trimester of pregnancy and may be
completed in-home or class setting.


Postnatal lactation consult

You’ve just returned from the hospital and suddenly nothing makes sense and your world seems to have turned upside down! Not to fear. Kayla is available for an in-home visit to discuss feeding techniques, eating schedules, proper latching, and more!


Better body after baby

Find your nutrition groove after pregnancy with the right balance of food & nutrients in addition to recommendations for exercise and physical activity. We discuss returning to pre-pregnancy intake patterns in a healthy and controlled manner with weekly goals and habit-forming strategies that are good for a lifetime.

Service not listed? contact kayla to
setup a personalized appointment or service!